The name Nu-Vue Industries has been part of the metal fabricating industry since 1954. Nu-Vue Industries current ownership was established in 1993 by Maria “Rosy” Guardado in Miami-Dade County, Florida to respond to the community’s need to rebuild after the costliest natural disaster in the United States history, Hurricane Andrew. In the aftermath of this disaster, the most stringent high wind building codes in the nation have been established.

Nu-Vue Industries developed a product line of structural connector hardware that is designed to comply with all Miami-Dade County codes and the High Velocity Hurricane Zone of the Florida Building Code. They are independent third party tested in accordance with ASTMD-1761 to assure all specifications published are accurate. The entire manufacturing process maintains INTEGRITY as the hallmark of Nu-Vue Industries way of doing business.

Nu-Vue’s patented NVHTA Double Strap Truss Anchor was developed by Mr. Holden Welsh. Commonly referred to as the “Dean of Building Materials” by the construction industry since the mid 1950’s, Holden used these very anchors in his own home. When Hurricane Andrew passed through his neighborhood, Mr. Welsh’s roof remained intact and undamaged.

Service and response to customers is what is delivered on a daily basis to maintain our commitment to produce engineered products that protect people and property against high winds.