1. Steel shall conform to ASTM A653, structural grade 33 (Min yield 33 ksi) and minimum tensile strength 45 ksi and a minimum galvanized coating of G 60 per ASTM A653.
    2. Allowable loads and all fsteners are based on National Design Specifications (NDS) for wood construction, 2012/2015.
    3. Design loads are based on Southern Yellow Pine wood species with a specific gravity of 0.55. Allowable loads for other species or conditions must be adjusted according to NDS 2012/2015.
    4. Welded connectors steel is ASTM A36(Fy=36 ksi).
    5. Allowable gravity loads have been adjusted by load duration factors of 100%, 115% and 125% for live, snow and construction loads respectively.
    6. This catalog reflects design changes and design adjustments to some Nu-Vue products. The tables and notes in this catalog supercede all previous documents. Nu-Vue reserves the right to change design specifications without notice and is not liable for such changes.
    7. The structural products listed in this catalog have been evaluated per evaluation from Miami Dade County, Florida and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation and Florida Business Commission.
    8. Design loads do not include 33% increase for steel and concrete. Allowable uplift loads have been adjusted by a load duration factor CD of 1.6 (160%) applicable to wind and earthquake loads per NDS 2012/2015.
    9. Allowable uplift loads have been adjusted by a load duration factor CD of 1.6 (160%) applicable to wind and earthquake loads per NDS 2012/2015.
    10. Design conforms to 2014 Edition of Florida Building Code and latest changes and latest editions of IBC and IRC and NDS 2012/2015.
    11. Combined load of Uplift, L1 and L2 must satisfy the following equation:generalnotes11
    12. All tests have been conducted in accordance with ASTM D-1761.
    13. Tables based on Miami-Dade Notice of Acceptance and Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation need not be signed and sealed by a P.E. Other tables need to be signed by a P.E.
    14. All welded Hangers and Connectors designed to resist Uplift and Lateral Loads, are manufactured under a quality assurance program by Nu-Vue or under contract by an independent manufacturer. All welded products are signed & sealed by a Florida P.E.
    15. The design loads listed are based on the least value of the following:
      1. The lowest ultimate load divided by three
      2. The lowest load producing 1/8 ”deflection.
      3. Calculations based on NDS, AISC steel manual and other applicable codes.
    16. Concrete in tie beams and concrete filled masonry shall be mininum of 2500 psi. Concrete masonry, grout and mortar in concrete masonary shall be min 1500 psi. Concrete masonry shall company with ASTM C90.