• 18˝ gauge galvanized steel.
• Between framing members no blocking is required.
• Lateral movement of truss parallel and perpendicular to the wall as well as uplift will be resisted by this clip.

Fastners Design Loads (lbs)
Product Code Description Masonry Header Joist Uplift L1 L2
Hurricane Clip – Wide 4- ¼ 9-10d four687 per clip 407 308
Hurricane Clip – Wide x2 4- ¼ 10-10d 917 547 432


1) All specified fasteners should be used on each of the connected members to achieve values indicated on the above schedule.
2) See General Notes.
3) This table is based on Florida Approval 16294-R2, Table 15, and Miami-Dade NOA 15-0507.02.
4) For uplift, use two clips, one on each side to comply with section 2321.7 of FBC.